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Best things You Must See in Morocco

things you mut see in Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating country, perfect for all tourist categories, due to the diversity of opportunities it offers. So if you are looking for perfect things you must see in Morocco, i highly command you to enjoy an adventure in the desert or a trekking experience in the vast Moroccan outdoors, or you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of hotels and beaches. Regardless of what you are looking for, the exotic and intriguing Morocco can give an unforgettable vacation. If you are wondering what you can see while you are having a vacation in this part of the world, here are some things you should not miss, as they are representative for the entire area.

Top five things to do in Morocco

Below a list of the things I highly recommend you attempt to do while visiting Morocco


Jamaa El fna in Marrakech city
Jamaa  El fna  Marrakech

Marrakech may sound familiar to you as it is one of the most important cities of Morocco. But, there is one area of the city you must witness. Visit the Jamaa el Fna square, located in the old center of the city, if you wish to have an idea about the culture and lifestyle of Morocco. During the day, you will have the chance to grab some orange juice and see dancers, snake tamers and other street performers. When the night comes, in the same place you will be able to enjoy some of the best savory recipes of Morocco. And at its extremities, markets and café terraces await you in the chill of the desert night.

Visit Fes

Fes Bab Bou Jeloud
Fes Bab Bou Jeloud

While in Morocco, you may want to enjoy some time at the Fes el-Bali, in Fes, for a good portion of location history and culture. You won’t find anywhere else in Morocco the same amount of cultural experiences, so it is highly recommended to get a guide, to maximize you time spent here and find all the interesting aspects of the region. Take a walk on the narrow streets, which are the same as the ones found in antiquity, see the workshops of the artisans, the beautiful gardens, monuments, and many more.

Desert tours

Merzouga tours from Marrakech
Merzouga tours from Marrakech

In case you want a mesmerizing view to capture in a photo, you need to be at the sand dunes of Merzouga to watch the sun rise. Witness as the entire desert appears like being on fire, under the reddish light of the emerging sun. But not only the sunrise is beautiful here, as you can find here stunning flora and fauna, considering that everything is surrounded by sand dunes. Pink flamingos and a large variety of birds can be watched in the area. To feel the experience of the desert even more chose to take a camel trip and sleep in canvas tents, as you will appreciated breakfast and the morning sun in a different way.

Oceanic cities

essaouira Morocco
essaouira Morocco

After an experience in the sandy desert, perhaps a beach and some water would be the best idea. Essaouira has exactly what you need. The shallow waters are great even for the persons that can’t swim, and the winds here are perfect for kite and wind surfers. A time long ago, an important port was in this region, so you may still see many fortifications in the town. Although trading is no longer done in this port, fishing remains an activity in Essaouira. Back in the days, Jimi Hendrix was one of the persons that enjoyed coming here rather frequent, so this might be a good sign that you should see it as well. To have more idea about things You Must See in Morocco, we gathered a variety of destination, departure from Marrakech, feel free to visit our tours package.


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