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Perfect day trip around Marrakesh

  • Jamaa Lafna in Marrakech city

You do not find what you are looking for in our day trips around Marrakech ? You have a precise number of day for your trip in Morocco? You really want to discover a particular place in Morocco ?

You need a private day trip around Marrakech city? Precise places to be seen and to admire? Just tell us your whishes so we can proposed you the stay of your dreams.

You will be picked up in the morning at your accommodation or the nearest access point. Book ahead to secure your preferred departure day.

We have a variety of destination from Marrakech for an amazing day trip, so feel free to select your stunning Places You Can Reach From Marrakesh

Trip program

Departure / arrival
Your day trip around Marrakech starts at 09 am from the Riad, Hotel or your accommodation, and you will be back up to 07 pm .




  • Hicham was one of the most friendly and hospitable people we met while in Marrakech (or Marrakesh). His knowledge of the area, his ability to relate to our questions and the way he took additional care to ensure we were comfortable and that all our needs were met was outstanding. He brought us from Marrakech to Casablanca and took us to the beach, the Mosque, Rick’s Cafe (where he successfully asked if we could have lunch even thought we weren’t in the proper dress code) and brought us to the airport the next day. He was friendly and made us feel very comfortable.

    we enjoyed our Private Day Tours in Morocco thank you hicham

    I highly recommend him for anyone needing a guide in the area.
    Visited April 2014
    Lausanne, Switzerland
    Private day tours from Marrakech
  • Thank you for your planning such an incredible journey to the atlas mountains. It is a challenge to make a trip like this work for all ages, berber house, berber lunch, scenaries, mules… it was amazing…thanks a lot.

    atlas mountains by Bitty Smith
  • I want to thank you for your help, your excellent suggestions, your very solid and detailed advice, and your warmth throughout the process of planning our vacation to Morocco.

  • Thank you for all your efforts in rebooking our staff and making sure they were taken care of. Your patience and experience are greatly appreciated.