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Merzouga tour guide

Merzouga tour guide from Marrakech

Merzouga tour guide provide all informations about this tourist village, a presentation of the region, its history, its geography and climate, historical monuments and tourist attractions, its annual cultural calendar, what you can see and to visit in the surrounding area, a gallery and practical information, and how to get there, where to stay, its local gastronomy and leisure activities to do.

 Presentation of Merzouga

Merzouga is a small village located in south-eastern Morocco, 35 kilometers from Rissani, 45 km from Erfoud and 20 kilometers from the Algerian border. Merzouga dunes along the Erg Chebbi, one of the largest dunes of the desert in Morocco. The Dunes of Merzouga, a marvel of nature, tourism is one of the prides of the province, visitors still dazzled by these high eternal dunes and especially during sunrise and sunset, which remains a magical and unique view in the entire world. Moreover, the Merzouga sand is famous for its therapeutic properties against certain rheumatic diseases. The months of July and August know, indeed a passion of domestic and foreign visitors to bathing sands for very beneficial cures. Along the Erg Chebbi are small inns that welcome visitors of all nationalities. Trips a day or more are organized around this site (see merzouga tours)

Geography and Climate of Merzouga

The main climate in Merzouga is the type Saharian, characterized by aridity. The temperature can reach in summer, 45 ° C, while in winter it varies between 10 ° c and 18 ° c. Vegetation cover the region is made up of plants that withstand high heat, cold and water scarcity (date palms, tamarisk aphylla. Agriculture is almost impossible without irrigation.

Monuments & Tourist Attractions in Merzouga

The main feature of Merzouga are the sand dunes along the majestic Erg Echebbi with one of the best sunset and sunrise in the world, a real magical and romantic time as any visitor to the city will enjoy.

Cultural Agenda of Merzouga:

The main cultural event that characterizes the region of Merzouga is the Erfoud Festival of dates. We also mention another festival namely “Taragalte Festival” held in Mhamid El Ghizlane.

What to see in the surroundings of Merzouga:

Erfoud city, located 45 kilometers from Merzouga, famous for its dates. Tinghir, just 180 km from Merzouga, famous with its majestic palm grove and Todra Gorge..

We hope Merzouga tour guide provide all necessary informations to know this region, if you want to know more about all availible tours to this village feel free to visit our package Merzouga tours from Marrakesh by private 4×4

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